Do you have a criminal conviction in California? You may still be able to vote. Find out:

When it comes to making voting accessible to everyone, misinformation and no information IS voter suppression.

 2.5% of the adult US population, 6.1 million voters, are disenfranchised because of a felony conviction. Because the US disproportionately convicts people of color, this sort of disenfranchisement can have devastating political and social consequences, impacting the most vulnerable among us.

 On 28 September 2016, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 2466, which reinstates the right to vote to citizens currently housed in CA county jails, people who are not currently serving a state or federal prison sentence, and those who are not on parole for a conviction. The law came into effect in 2017.

 The problem? Due in part to lack of information, resources, and repressive policy, these citizens are not voting.

 Women’s March Sacramento and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition have joined forces to create #voterjustice, a voting initiative with a focus on educating and facilitating voter registration throughout California’s county jail system.

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