Photo by  Allef Vinicius  on  Unsplash
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Women's March Sacramento has worked alongside advocacy communications firm Activism Articulated to create a series of community initiatives designed to empower women to engage in community action 365 days of the year. We still march...but we are also committed to working for immediate change locally. To support these efforts, the WMS Allies Community Action Network (ACAN) was born.

ACAN is an inclusive Women's March National-aligned, volunteer-run community service framework designed to translate allyship into action. Throughout the year, ACAN members host a series of strategically aligned Women’s March events to encourage civic engagement and to provide opportunities for women to develop leadership roles for themselves in the communities in which they live.

The Women's March Allies Action Network mission is to provide real-time volunteer support for the following initiatives:

  • Workshops (Allyship and Intersectional Feminism)

  • Community Advocacy Education and Outreach Team

  • Community Crisis Management Team