Who We Are

The Women’s March on Sacramento is an effort that was started organically on Facebook by Jessica Browning of the Bay Area. It was inspired by and modeled after the Women’s March on Washington as way to show solidarity at the Capitol of California.

The Women’s March on Sacramento is a 100% grass-roots, women-led effort.  It is not funded or organized by any pre-existing entity, organization or group.

We are a diverse team of women who are dedicated to empowering others through action. Among us we count social workers, labor leaders, activists, technologists and organizers. We share an abiding commitment to social justice, human rights, civil liberties, tolerance of diversity and compassion for our shared humanity.

Core Organizers (Women’s March on Sacramento)

From left to right: Jessica Browning, Annie Adams, Sarah Lindner and Sita Stukes
Annie Adams

Annie Adams, mother of two, has over eight years of experience in working in non-profit, schools, management, advocacy and government. Annie is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, the International City/County Management Association an Executive Board Member of New Leaders Council Silicon Valley.

Jessica Browning

Jessica Chaplin Browning hails from a long line of activists and organizers. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Rhetoric and currently works in technology as a user experience design professional.

Sarah Lindner

Sarah Lindner is a Sacramento-based social worker who has served on previous event-planning committees. She has a background in various fields, yet favors those seeking social justice solutions. She is the Chair of NASW-CA’s Rehabilitation and Inclusion Council. She is a daughter, sister, mother and friend.

Sita Stukes

Sita Stukes is a social worker with a passion for advocacy and protecting human rights. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Georgia School of Social Work. She has worked solely at community nonprofits since 2010, primarily focusing on underserved and marginalized populations. Sita is a 2017 New Leaders Council – Silicon Valley Fellow and Co-Lead of the San Francisco Organizing for Action chapter.